WHY? Roman origins of Calcio are evident by a piece of mosaic pavement of the IV century AD/CE (4,45 x 3,80 mt.) found in 1872 under castle Silvestri, which was built on the ruins of a Roman Villa. Now the mosaic is in the Archeological Museum of Bergamo, but it is interesting to visit Calcio itself for many reasons: since 1366, it has always preserved its political independence thanks to a woman, the duchess Regina della Scala, Bernabò Visconti (Duke of Milan)‘s wife, who was also responsible for building Roggia della Signora, an artificial canal that originates from Oglio river, source for the agricultural fortune of the town. Also Calcio boasts the biggest church of region Lombardia, second only to Milan Cathedral, the famous Duomo.

WHAT? Here you can find very interesting mural artworks painted by artists coming from all over Europe who will take you into the history of the village: from the representation of Regina della Scala’s history to the description of old professions and crafts (like spinning, which was very important for the town’s economy), industrial innovations and marvelous landscapes such as the mulberry lines, very typical from this area.

WHO? Many artists of international fame were chosen to paint the village walls, successful Italian artists as Giovanni Repossi, Trento Longaretti, Angelo Boni, young artists from Brera (Milano most prestigious Art Academy), Sassari, Barcellona, Wien, and Birmingham Academies.

WHEN? Everything started in 1995 with the project “Walls narrate” (“Narrano i muri”) organized by the local administration: the aim was to decorate the houses’ walls to describe the history, traditions, landscapes of the town. The art critic Mauro Corradini from Brescia is the artistic director of the project, with the logistical coordination of the architect Tullio Lazzarini.

WHERE? Calcio is located 25 kilometers from Bergamo and 58 kilometers from Milan. You can reach it from Milan:

  • By car: A4 Turin-Milan-Trieste, exit Palazzolo, follow Urago d’Oglio and then Calcio. 11 Padana Superiore road, which joins Milan and Brescia, goes through Calcio.
  • An alternative route, by car: A35 (BreBeMi), exit Calcio.
  • By train: on the railroad line Milan-Verona-Venice.


  • Hotel and Restaurant Due Lanterne, viale della Vittoria, 13. Phone +39.0363.906474, speciality of the house grilled meat and fish.
  • Agritourism and Restaurant Cascina San Fermo, via Cascina San Fermo, Mobile +39.335.8221913, specialty of the house boar and goose meat, homemade pasta.
  • Wine Bar Facchi, via Giovanni XXIII, 129. Phone +39.0363.9063336, selected wines with Italian cured meats and cheese.
  • Hostel Molino di Basso, Via Madonna di Loreto, Torre Pallavicina, Phone +39.0363.903870, homemade recipes and typical products, fathead minnow.

For more information, please contact the Touristic Office: Ufficio Iat – ProLoco Martinengo, Phone: +39.0363.986031. Web: www.martinengo.org and www.bassabergamascaorientale.it